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A paint consultation is the best way to help you to choose the best colors for your home. A paint consultation will take into consideration what colors you like, what type of room you are painting, how much light is naturally streaming into the room, the wall covering materials you are painting, and your sense of style as they help you determine what colors will be perfect for you.

Sometimes we all get ready for a change and want to freshen up the look of our home. House Painting is one of the least color consultationexpensive ways to refresh the look of our home, but we do not want to pick the wrong color and then have to either live with a bad choice or paint again.

A paint consultant can help you to choose the right colors the right depth of color, and the right sheen of paint so that you will be happy with your choice. That saves you both time and money.

Paint Consultants Tip

Here are some paint consultant tips for choosing house painting colors:

  1. Start with the color that you love. This will be your base color and you will create a color palette around your base color.
  2. Use your favorite piece of art, one that will hang in the room, then choose a color in that artwork and work with that as your color base.
  3. Use a favorite comforter or quilt and select one color from that material and use that as your color base.
  4. Use a color wheel to show you what colors look best with your color base. You can find color wheels at most paint supply stores.

Go Lighter or Darker

Pick out your favorite color of blue and then choose a paint that is one shade lighter than that color blue. Next, choose a color that is one shade darker than your favorite color of blue. You have just created your own color palette and you can use combinations of these three shades of blue to create an amazing colored room.

Remember the Sheen

The sheen in the paint you use may change the color of the paint you choose. A dark color should not be used in a hi-gloss paint. A high gloss paint has more colorant in it than a matte or satin finish pint has. The extra colorant will combine with the dark color of the paint you have chosen and it will make the paint look shinier than you expect. If you have a dark color in mind for your walls then choose a lesser sheen to offset that color choice.

Go Bold

Dark colors when paired with stark white or exact opposites like bright pink and bright blue can bring out the boldness and compliments each other. You can have a bright blue room that has bright green trim and moldings in it. Or a dark color on your walls with a stark white molding and trim.

Look Outside for Inspiration

Look outside to some of your favorite colors of leaves, favorite sky colors, and favorite flower colors. These earthy outdoor colors can brighten your spirits and bring you a sense of calmness when you are in the room.

Sand colored walls with a sky blue ceiling can make you feel as if you are lying on the beach. Be bold, be creative, and be you.

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