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Are you looking for particular colors for your bedroom? Have you thought about how certain colors can create more of a relaxing feeling? Check out this youtube video to help you think through certain colors for your bedroom. When thinking about paint colors in your home, think about a hiring house painter for your next painting project. House painters can help you with your next painting project.


What sets our painting company apart from other companies is that we seek to bring a comprehensive approach to painting even down to helping you pick out your paint colors. It can be intimidating to figure out what types of colors would work best within my home. This is where we come to help you. Because of our experience, we are able to walk you through the process of choosing the right colors so that you feel confident in making your choice for paint colors. Below is a helpful article on how to choose paint colors for your home.


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If you’re not sure you’re ready to get an estimate, there are some easy ways to find out if your house needs painting.

There are 3 common paint problems on homes. Simply take 5-10 minutes to walk around your house to identify any of these problems.

Problem #1: Fading Paint
You’ll notice the paint on your house fading on the areas that get the most sun…. typically the south and west sides of the house. If you wipe a dry, dark-colored rag or towel on the house, you’ll notice some chalking paint come off the house. If you are noticing this happening, your wood is not very well protected any longer. Moisture can get into those boards and cause warping. The solution is to get a new coat of paint on there to protect it! At Foothills Painting, we always recommend a full power wash before painting in order to remove that chalking from the house before applying that new fresh coat.

Problem #2: Peeling paint
This problem occurs in all parts of the home. The first places to peel are the areas that get the most moisture. Examples of this are window sills, the bottom of the garage trim, bottom of the door trim, or other places that snow sits. Once paint peels off, the wood is no longer protected. Moisture gets into the wood and can rot the boards. The solution to peeling paint is to scrape the loose paint off, sand the area down to create a good texture, apply a full coat of primer to protect the wood and a finish coat.

Problem #3: Cracking paint and failing caulking
Cracking is a very common problem you’ll notice in the joints of the house where boards meet. Check around door frames, window frames, and anywhere the siding meets the trim. If you notice cracks, this is where water can get behind the boards and rot them from the inside out. The solution to this is simple: re-caulk those cracks with fresh caulking.

Now that you’ve found problems and identified, do you need to paint? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

The purpose of paint is to protect the house and beautify your home. If the house LOOKS bad, and it’s embarrassing, you should paint.

If you’ve noticed problems listed above, it doesn’t mean you have to paint. If you choose to wait, you can expect those problems to get worse, you can expect more damage to be done to the wood, you can expect your paint price to go up the next year, and you do risk having to repair boards.

Repairing one board on a house could cost up to an extra $50-$100 per board. If this is the first time you are noticing the peeling paint, fading paint, or cracking paint… it’s probably not that urgent.

Our recommendation: If you’ve noticed problems on your house, now is a good time to paint. It’s only going to get more expensive. The longer you wait, the lower quality the job will be (because the surface is in poorer condition).

Contact us for a free estimate. When you get an estimate our local house painters, we’ll show you around the house, identify these problem areas, and show you exactly what we would recommend doing when painting your house or asking the question, what color should I paint my house?

The purpose of this article is to help you get a ballpark price for your exterior painting estimate.

House painting companies in Denver Colorado will all vary in prices. If you are looking for a reliable painting company, that’s fully licensed and insured, and offers warranties to guarantee their work – most of those companies’ prices will fall in the same ballpark.

Exterior painting prices can range from $2,000 to over $10,000 to paint the full exterior of the house depending on several factors. We are going to consider at a few of the most important factors.

How big is your house?
1 story: Start with base price of $2000
2 story: Start with base price of $3000

Condition of house?
Good Condition: Multiply base price by 1.1
Fair Condition: Multiply base price by 1.2
Bad condition: Multiply base price by 1.3

How many coats?
1 Coat: No change to price
2 Coats: Multiply price by 1.3

Quality of paint?
Low grade: No change to price
Mid grade: Multiply price by 1.1
Top of the line: Multiply price by 1.3

2 Story House ($3000)
Fair Condition… $2500×1.2 = $3,600
2 Coats… $3,000×1.3 = $4,800
Mid Grade Paint… $3,900×1.1 = $5,000

If your home was built before 1978, it needs to be checked for lead paint. If your house does have lead paint on it, your price will increase by 2x-3x due to the EPA regulations on lead paint procedures.

As you can tell, there is a huge range of prices for painting your house.

When you get an estimate from Imperial Painters, we will walk you around your house and identify all of the problem areas on your house. We’ll also make several recommendations, and educate you on what your options are.

We believe it’s important for you to have options, so we’re happy to write up different options for your painting project so you can see what will best suit your needs and your budget.

Call Imperial Painters today for a customized painting estimate. We look forward to serving you!