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Exterior painting is what we specialize in. We are thorough, efficient and pay attention to detail. Only professional experienced painters will be working on your house to ensure that we deliver you a quality job. We never cut corners and we guarantee all of our work. A custom paint job from Imperial Painters will help to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home. Rely on our professional painters in Denver CO to recommend the exterior paint products that are right for your home and then provide a flawless exterior paint job. Call today to request a free painting quote for residential exterior or interior house painting services  as well as our commercial services in Denver CO and the surrounding areas. 

Exterior House Painting
  • Full exterior painting of wood siding, stucco, and all types of composite siding
  • Sheds, barns, garages, and guest houses
  • Decks and fences of all sizes
  • Pergolas and patio covers
  • Doors and shutters
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Why Hire Imperial Painters?

  • We have a proven track record with our customers.
  • We guarantee all of our work.
  • Respectful, professional and experienced painters.
  • Detailed, thorough, customized estimate process to get you exactly the paint job you need.
  • Knowledgeable with all of our painting services from exterior to commercial painting.




Exterior Painter

Imperial Painters- Exterior Painting

We believe that one of the best ways to protect one of your most expensive investments is by taking care of your exterior painting needs. Imperial Painters has been doing this with the local residents of Denver and the surrounding areas. Our expertise and quality of care have received recommendations from our clients. We thoroughly enjoy helping you in taking off one of your most precious investments.Contact us if you are looking for Denver CO painters. We would be glad to help. How do we help in this area?

Imperial Painters- Protecting and Sealing Your Home

One of the best ways in which we can protect your home is to make sure that the weather doesn't cause damage to your structure. Over time paint begins to fade, peel or crack. When it begins to peel or crack, it exposes your home to the weather conditions. Once your home is no longer sealed by the paint, it opens up an avenue for water to begin to penetrate the exterior portion of your home. This is when real damage begins to take place within your home. We believe that our painting services help to prevent this from happening. When we come to your home, we first begin by addressing the surfaces of your exterior. We scrape and sand the exterior so that we can give the primer a good bite to grip onto the wood or exterior surface. Then, we put down a primer on your home. This helps to cover the wood and creates a very good first level seal that will keep water from hurting your home. Following this, we paint the exterior of your home with a high-quality paint that is meant to last for years. This second layer seals the entire exterior of your home. By taking these actions we believe that you put yourself in a situation where you have protected one of your most valuable assets. 

Imperial Painters- Increasing the Beauty and Value of Your Home

One of the best ways in which to add beauty and value to your home is by providing a fresh coat of paint. Eventually, your paint begins to fade or chip or crack. With the weather conditions affecting your home, it affects the look as well. The colors are no longer as vibrant as they used to be. A new exterior paint job will revitalize the exterior of your home. It will create a fresh new look that will capture your eye as well as your neighbors. These days there are lots of different colors and assortment of ways in which you can create a fresh new look. We would love to help you think through this process as you begin to move forward with your exterior painting project.